ISU WellBeing

ISU WellBeing is the employee wellness program at Iowa State. But it's not a typical wellness program that focuses only on your physical health. ISU WellBeing recognizes that much more goes into a person's well-being than how much they exercise or eat. Our mental, emotional, community, financial, and spiritual well-being greatly contribute to our holistic well-being. That is why the purpose of the ISU WellBeing program is to create the conditions in which well-being and healthy lifestyles can thrive in our every day.


A whole-person well-being program designed to support you in living your best life every day. Open to all benefits-eligible employees. Join to participate in individual and team challenges that will encourage you to address all six elements of your well-being: mental, emotional, financial, community, spiritual, and physical. 

Employee Assistance Resources & Services

In addition to the traditional employee assistance program, Iowa State University has many resources, services, and policies intended to support its employees. Explore the resources and services available to you!


Learning is a continuous process, all throughout our lives. To support ISU employees in the pursuit of life-long learning, our team facilitates a number of workshops throughout the year, in addition to collaborating with Employee & Family Resources for monthly workshops.

Recreation Services

Whether you are just getting started on your wellness journey, enjoy rigorous physical activity, or just want to take a walk with a colleague, Recreation Services has something to offer everyone. ISU employees are eligible to purchase a membership, which grants access to all on-campus recreation facilities.

Student Wellness

Student Wellness is a new department in the Division of Student Affairs, with a focus on holistic wellness. They work with students to create a university environment that promotes health and wellbeing, by providing information and resources related to wellness, as well as programming designed to equip students with life-enhancing skills.