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Frequently Asked Questions about WorkLife at ISU

Individuals fulfill multiple personal and professional roles simultaneously and throughout the course of a lifetime; work-life is a term used to describe how individuals manage the intersection of these roles. Some refer to work-life "balance", "fit", and/or "integration". 

Iowa State University recognizes the importance of having a productive professional life as well as a satisfying personal life. Institutional environment, policies, and programs can all contribute to helping an individual balance their responsibilities and aspirations. 

Those things that could be considered "work-life" issues are extremely varied. However, child care, elder care, health, partner accommodations, and financial concerns are generally included in this topic. For other examples, please visit the links on our site.

Resources, services, and opportunities can be difficult to locate and access, particularly within a large institution such as Iowa State University. The WorkLife Team is meant to be a "one-stop" destination where employees can get answers to their work-life questions with ease. Our team members each have an area of work-life expertise, from birth through retirement, so you can be confident someone will know how to help. 

Employees are encouraged to approach their supervisors as early as possible to address work-life needs. Early involvement will allow the supervisor the most time and resources to assist the employee in exploring options. If, after speaking with your supervisor you need additional assistance, we recommend the following university resources:

Let us know about work-life related opportunities (speakers, wellness workshops, etc.) being offered at Iowa State University. We are interested in helping to communicate existing efforts and further develop our website. Please share your suggestions with the WorkLife Team by emailing