ISU WorkFlex Request and Approval Process

High-Level Request and Approval Process

Broadly, the WorkFlex program includes these options:

  • Flexible Start/Stop Times – working outside the standard work hours
  • Compressed Workweek – working fewer but longer days (e.g., working four 10-hour days)
  • Hybrid Work – working from home or other designated location up to 60% of the time (i.e., up to 3 days per week)
  • Reduced Hours – moving to part-time
  • Gradual Return to Work – gradually increasing hours following leave
  • Retirement Transition – gradually reducing hours toward retirement


The WorkFlex program was designed with input from focus groups of Professional and Scientific (P&S) employees, Faculty, Faculty Work-Life Advisory Committee members, Merit employees, and supervisors of all staff types. The program is for Professional and Scientific (P&S) and certain Merit employees only1. Faculty are not eligible for this program given the existing and ongoing flexibility these positions already have.

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