The Art of Active Listening and Communication

Effective communication provides the foundation for success and learning in every organization. Without it, employees and teams become ineffective due to confusion and misinterpretation. In some cases, conflict can bring productivity to a screeching halt. Participants will learn to identify barriers to effective communication, explore their communication style, and learn to apply five key principles of more effective interaction. The session utilizes various facilitation approaches, including lectures, group exercises and discussions, case scenarios, and skill-building tools for success that can be put to work long after the course ends.

Course Objectives:

  • Improve organization effectiveness through better interpersonal communication.
  • Evaluation of personal listening skills/styles
  • Examine current theories of communication
  • Know the five steps of effective listening
  • Learn to apply five key principles to more effective communication

The Art of Active Listening and Communication - Workday Learning


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