Behavior-Based Interviewing

The interview is one of the most critical steps in the hiring process. To assist Iowa State employees who are involved in the interviewing process, University Human Resources is offering free training sessions. Participants will learn about a standardized method of interviewing that is designed to assess how a candidate will perform on the job.

Led by Louise Crall, HR & Community Engagement Director at Employee & Family Resources, the training will include an exploration of the theory behind behavior-based interviewing as well as an opportunity to practice planning for and applying effective interview techniques.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a copy of a position description (and job posting, if applicable) to the session for use in a practice activity. If you need assistance in locating a position description or job posting, please contact


  • Understand the theories and practices behind behavior-based interviewing
  • Be an effective interviewer
  • Select the best candidate for your open positions
  • Minimize legal exposure during the interview process

Behavior-Based Interviewing - Workday Learning


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